1 set Window trench Nook Cranny wipe door cleaning brush Household kitchen Floor Gap groove corner Cleaning tool device in Cleaning Brushes from Home Garden

1 set Window trench Nook Cranny wipe door cleaning brush Household kitchen Floor Gap groove corner Cleaning tool device in Cleaning Brushes from Home Garden
1 set Window trench Nook Cranny wipe door cleaning brush Household kitchen Floor Gap groove corner Cleaning tool device in Cleaning Brushes from Home Garden
1 set Window trench Nook Cranny wipe door cleaning brush Household kitchen Floor Gap groove corner Cleaning tool device in Cleaning Brushes from Home Garden
1 set Window trench Nook Cranny wipe door cleaning brush Household kitchen Floor Gap groove corner Cleaning tool device in Cleaning Brushes from Home Garden
1 set Window trench Nook Cranny wipe door cleaning brush Household kitchen Floor Gap groove corner Cleaning tool device in Cleaning Brushes from Home Garden
1 set Window trench Nook Cranny wipe door cleaning brush Household kitchen Floor Gap groove corner Cleaning tool device in Cleaning Brushes from Home Garden

Product Specification

Brand Name: Halojaju

Type: Other

Material: Plastic

Style: Hand

Model Number: miao-927

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Usage: Window

Product Types: cleaning tools

function: window cleaning

Type- 2: herramientas

Application: Windows, bathroom, kitchen, etc.

name: window cleaner

model number: cleaning brush

Use: Household Cleaning

Type: cleaning supplies

product type: brush

Kitchen supplies: Cleaning device






Hand-held window trench cleaning wipe door and window groove corner corner small brush kitchen Cleaning Tool device



100% brand new and high quality
It adopts micro fiber cloth cover to clean the head and PP material handle. It has fine texture, good water absorption, no scratches and no pilling. It is suitable for floor cleaning, glass cleaning, furniture cleaning and kitchen cleaning.
Convenient and practical
Size: 10.7 x 7.1x 2.2cm
Weight: 0.15kg



package includes:
1 x Wipe the window brush




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Mar 26, 2012 ... This is a modal window. ... he returned safely from a one-man mission to the Mariana Trench, the deepest point of Earth's oceans. ... As he reached the bottom of the trench, which is about 200 miles south-west of the ... Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions.

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