5Pieces Lot Outer Perimeter 235mm Width 6mm Double sided Tooth Sewing Machine Belt Small Motor Transmission PU Belt in Transmission Belts from Home Improvement

5Pieces Lot Outer Perimeter 235mm Width 6mm Double sided Tooth Sewing Machine Belt Small Motor Transmission PU Belt in Transmission Belts from Home Improvement

Product Specification

Material: PU

Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

Type: Ribbed Belt



 Outer Perimeter:235mm Width:6mm

Double-sided Tooth Sewing Machine Belt Small Motor Transmission PU Belt

Screenshot 2019-01-16_20-05-28-080Screenshot 2019-01-16_20-05-28-080


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Cheap lot lot, Buy Directly from China Suppliers:2PCS/LOT 2.5Meter/pcs ... 5pcs/ lot Outer perimeter:220mm Width:6mm Double-sided Tooth Sewing Machine.

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