13 IN 1 Magnetic Screwdriver Set Precision Screw Driver Maintenance Tools Special 0 8 star For Phone Clock Watch Repair 7392 in Screwdriver from Tools

13 IN 1 Magnetic Screwdriver Set Precision Screw Driver Maintenance Tools Special 0 8 star For Phone Clock Watch Repair 7392 in Screwdriver from Tools
13 IN 1 Magnetic Screwdriver Set Precision Screw Driver Maintenance Tools Special 0 8 star For Phone Clock Watch Repair 7392 in Screwdriver from Tools
13 IN 1 Magnetic Screwdriver Set Precision Screw Driver Maintenance Tools Special 0 8 star For Phone Clock Watch Repair 7392 in Screwdriver from Tools
13 IN 1 Magnetic Screwdriver Set Precision Screw Driver Maintenance Tools Special 0 8 star For Phone Clock Watch Repair 7392 in Screwdriver from Tools
13 IN 1 Magnetic Screwdriver Set Precision Screw Driver Maintenance Tools Special 0 8 star For Phone Clock Watch Repair 7392 in Screwdriver from Tools
13 IN 1 Magnetic Screwdriver Set Precision Screw Driver Maintenance Tools Special 0 8 star For Phone Clock Watch Repair 7392 in Screwdriver from Tools

Product Specification

Brand Name: GoGoPanda

Screw Head Type: Slotted

Screw Head Type: Phillips

Screw Head Type: Torx

Model Number: 7392

Type: Screwdriver Set

is_customized: Yes

Screw Head Size: 40

Magnetic: Yes

Material: Chrome-vanadium Steel

Package: 5-9Pcs


Features: Multifunctional

Features: Non-slip

Features: Mini

With Handle Or Not: Yes


Note:7391A/B,7392,7396,801,501,701 handles all can rotate 360degree.


Bits Informations:


 7392 Informations




  • Model:7392
  • Bits Handle Material:ABS
  • Batch of Rod:CR-V
  • Bits Technology:Sand Gun Satin Nickle
  • Magnetism:Yes
  • Size:114*74*19mm
  • Weight:70g



  • Bits Handle Material:ABS
  • Batch of Rod:CR-V
  • Bits Technology:Sand Gun Satin Nickle

    • Magnetism:Yes


    • T-Handle  makes the work easier.


     7391A+7391B Informations



     7396 Informations




    801 Informations




    701 Informations









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    About 35-60 working days
    Express Shipping  DHL About 3-10 working days  The tracking number will be updated in 5-7 or more days
    Simple Logistics Shipping AliExpress Saver Shipping About 23-45 working days  To Russian it will go lative first.
    Economy Shipping SunYou/China Post About 35-60 working days

    The tracking information will be updated in 5-10 days.

    Note:Economy shipping way do not have outboard shipping informations


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    It is the " AliExpress Saver Shipping "  Logistics route.

    the final state is your local post office, AliExpress Saver Shipping may has its total warehouse in lV.

    It may much easier and cheaper to send to the RU.

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    Q4:What do I have to pay attention to?


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    2.For Northern Europe customers, such as Sweden, Switzerland, Norway etc., please provide full name just because
       if only one word for receiver name, your post office will return the parcel.




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    Commetns karlsbadtur.ru :
    With a strong appearance, for small screws can and will be enough, but on a tightly wrapped and a good cross the screwdriver twisted in the handle.


    Bits seems to be sturdy but handle is queer. Not so comfortable when working. Should be priced at most for 2$. Overall is decent.


    The screwdrivers are good. The product came quickly, i recommend.


    It is very nice to have a great time in ukraine. the product corresponds to the description, the view is done well. the seller is sociable to communicate quickly. i recommend.

    The screwdriver itself is small. The picture seems bigger. For a small hand will die

    For such money... Super thing .. Definitely to buy... Holder though plastic, but durable .. You can safely take .. Always lacked such screwdrivers .. What could be in the deep holes to climb... Super)))

    20 days

    Order received, everything is fine seller and i recommend the product.

    Little, i don't need it.

    The order was received in excellent condition. Thank you.

    Thank you for your attention arrived before time i am satisfied.

    A good set, all as in the picture, the handle is comfortable in the hand does not slip, the nozzles are quality, the box is also of good quality, the delivery is very fast.

    In the photograph it seems bigger but it serves me for other things.

    Not good. bad use.

    All norms to the seller respect


    It looks really good. I'll prove it.

    Just what i need.

    Shipping 1 month, simplified tracking. Glorious screwdrivers


    Good product. Good seller.. Thanks ..

    The metal is good, it is good with an hour of stink to wander through the handle

    Ok but long time

    deliver fast looks good thanks

    I'm very satisfied

    The quality of the screwdriver is good, comfortable, better than in some sets, as there is relief. conveniently the nozzles hide in the handle. Delivery is fast. I recommend! I'm happy, thanks to the seller.

    Screwdrivers are excellent. A little missing the smallest size but it's uncritical. To and so quality is wonderful

    low quality

    The order was executed well. The goods received in 15 days. It corresponds to the description. Package quality. We'll cooperate. I recommend to others. Sincerely, oleg.


    The product corresponds to the description. Packing is good. Delivery to mo for a month.

    very good!

    Took very long time to receive. But the product is okay and match the description


    Got it!

    Thank you.

    The order was a month in st. petersburg, the product corresponds to the description, thank you!

    Delivery of a month and a half. It's all right, nothing crashed/broke. Operation will show everything further.

    Disappointed, the handle is plastic and the attachment of the inserted bit is no, with constant use, the plastic thread will be cut and the stops will cut... I do not recommend.

    Expected more for 171 re, such and in the local store mona to buy 3a 200 re. Plus that the nut tightens the plastic to the center where the bit stands firmly at me on a more expensive slip. 4 stars put because of the price

    I thought they would be more, and so, externally, nothing .. In the work check

    Very fast delivery screwdriver is good until i checked inside the additional nozzles the case is good well lies in the hand

    It looks quite high quality. Thank you.

    Well-made screwdriver set. All Philips crosses are very well cut and at the right angle of inclination, precise without failures. The handle is well made but it's a pity that there is no internal thin steel insert - but for that money there is nothing to turn your nose - in a word, it's great and I recommend it to everyone.

    Everything is very good

    The kit is miniature, despite the fact that it came in the umbilical cord remained intact.


    Everything is fine, the quality corresponds to the price.

    Long went.

    Good screwdriver set.

    The product corresponds to the description.

    Item liked. quality is good. delivery is fast

    Recommend to take if there are no similar products in fixprise.

    Good screwdrivers. the eye metal is not bad.

    nice tools

    Thank you. It's great.

    that's great


    Good quality! thanks

    alles ok

    They look good.

    The screwdriver arrived quickly, the quality is good.

    Not bad.

    Goood :)

    I have received the item. Thank you very much.

    All as in the description. Thank you

    Small replaceable screwdrivers, look good, so far there is no way to check everything. i tried one (torx number i do not know)-twists, the faces remained intact. Although the reliability of the handle is doubtful, now normal, but completely made of plastic.

    All good

    Very fast!

    Very good quality.Thank you seller, all perfect

    In appearance, everything is excellent fast delivery.

    Everything came in accordance with the description

    I liked everything very much. Expectations have been met. The salesman sent quickly.

    Očekávala y je vidlicový a není jinak spokojená


    The parcel came for the mesec. Great screwdriver.

    As described.

    Little magnetized, i don't know if it's going to last long.

    Caustic non-from shipping late then

    Great product. Fast shipping

    The box arrived broken and the item in bad condition

    Sent very fast, item as in description, not bad for your price.

    Super me comfortable

    Good set. Comes to the joysticks from nintendo swich. The box closes badly.

    Great set. 2 iphones were collected and dismantled. Tool whole, screws are not drained, phones are satisfied

    The screwdriver is good, the delivery is fast, the seller is real. I recommend.

    Good quality is recommended shipping 45 days but it is recommended

    Beautiful product, convenient.


    The ends are a little rusty, but they do work when the little tip is broken.

    Bits ordered under the cross, long, for disassembly of children's toy, seemingly working, the handle looks flimsy, but copes with its task. It's been a month.


    very bad.

    Looks good. Time will show. Fast shipping


    Quality very

    Very small. Thought will be more

    Thanks to the seller. Received in 2 weeks. Packed qualitatively. Checked, the goods without flaws. Fully corresponds to the description. I recommend, an excellent seller. Great seller! It's a pleasure to deal with, i will purchase more

    Fast & friendly service, thank you.

    Produit correctly.

    NON MAGNETIC!!! useless item

    Good set, for honor fit, delivery fast

    The goods are normal.

    Worth your money

    They look like a good thing, as the strength should be checked.

    The order did not reach: when transportation at one of the stages it was canceled; i asked what happened and explained to me that the money would be returned... There was a dispute and in a couple of days returned the money. About the goods: he did not reach and about the producer-honest

    Fast delivery. Good quality relative to price!

    4 screwdrivers, perfect, we look good, the screwdriver heads are well made, no defects. Very good value for money

    Will go


    Order may 15, receipt in the moscow region on june 12. Everything is super. 267 r

    Came quickly quality is good!

    Fast Delivery, Great Product

    Excellent product. and great seller

    Try the material quality

    quality item

    As it puts in the description

    Thought it more large

    It's okay.

    Pas mal


    Thank you, all according to the description)

    The goods did not come. Spent time waiting.

    Very good

    They didn't come quickly. I did not communicate with the seller. Screwdrivers are suitable for working with phones, smart watches and so on.

    All as in the picture. Not yet tried, but in appearance good

    Okay! I ordered three different sets. Delivery about a month to chelyabinsk. Everything corresponds to the order. Two bits in this set are slightly curved. In general, the price corresponds to the quality, but five does not pull.

    Super quality and fast shipping, thank you.

    Just one month to arrive. Driver think less than.

    Good performance. My purpose should work, i think. The handle is comfortable, everything rotates easily.

    I recommend, excellent quality arrived in 30 days very good product,

    Good comfortable. Only for some reason do not magnetize

    Ok. All right. Highly recommended

    I advise

    The handle is plastic, and the clip is metal-i think it does not last long.

    It took quite a while ( > 5 weeks ) for the package to arrive and the tracking showed it was still in China, so I thought I'd give up on it already, but then it arrived. Screwdriver set was in good condition and as described.

    Delivery instant, screwdrivers are now more than to disassemble your stradik.

    Not a bad set, the quality of the metal has so far nothing to say, it is necessary to try, and so, i recommend

    Everything is fine, the order is received, thanks to the seller)))

    Perfect durable screwdriver case! Good bits, long. The handle of the screwdriver is flimsy and non-kozista, but for disassembly of small things probably fit. It came a month before st. petersburg. Not really tracked. The set is satisfied. Recommend!!!

    Good screwdrivers.

    Delivery to moscow 11 days. Quality standards.

    Very good seller!

    Low price, correct information about product and relatively fast shipping. I recommend this store.


    I arrive very well, regular quality

    The description corresponds, the quality is good, the child is satisfied. Shipping 1,5 months

    All good! Thanks!


    Oooochen small even phone do not twist

    Good product

    Received 27-day package in good condition. Simple packaging, good reference as in the description, good build quality. thank you very much to the seller. I recommend

    Screwdriver is good, took for disassembly of iphone, magnetic ends at the bit, everything is super, i recommend, took 501 model, came to 3 weeks in peter.


    Very fine apparatus. Worth my money.

    Screwdriver is not magnetic!

    Got in a month. I already have such a set. Very comfortable and the quality is not bad. But my wife lost half the nozzles. Now there will be another full-fledged. If you need to open phones, children's toys, and any electronic devices, then the thing is necessary.

    Hour screwdrivers. Gentle. For very small screws.

    To perm in 16 days. Set with the task coped.

    It didn't come to me.

    All OK

    good quality


    The product is fully consistent with the description -- the quality is good -- sending and shipping is normal -- the seller and the product recommend ....


    , Bro.

    All As Describe

    nice item.

    came quickly

    Quality of tools is not good.

    Quality shit. They do not cost those 300 rubles. What i gave for them. The thread on the handle is made of plastic and will not last long. If the screws are very tight twisted then most likely on the third screw sting will check. The screwdriver itself looks very cheap and does not cause doors to long work. I regret that i bought this product.

    A normal set for this money.

    Product exactly as described. Great quality, great value for the money. Trusted seller, great communication.

    The goods did not come, only lost time!

    kookos fine.

    Shipping in some later otherwise cost product would be good :.

    Very long shipping.

    Disassembled triangular screws on htc one max, this is the set.

    Quick to spain. fulfill its function for that price

    Great set for small repairs. Delivery on time. I recommend!

    One of the tips came damaged. I talked to the salesman and he's sending me another tip.

    i received package but in screwdriver there is no hole. buy with knowing this.


    The goods went to belarus 19 days. The package was damaged. The product is whole and corresponds to the description. I will check the quality...

    Compact, (in a box-box) for repair of all sorts of trifles will go)) but i think it is not worth it, because. The locking bit is plastic, the bits themselves seem to be good (with oversize screws remove the chip remaining without deformation) the seller quickly sent the order, for which he 5 ***** to the perm region 25 days)) in a word, your money is worth, all successful purchases!!!

    I got 20 days to ulyanovsk, the description corresponds, but not all the screwdrivers are magnetized.


    Super !

    The workmanship is normal.

    Types of screwdrivers are as in the description, but after the 1sr usage, metal head became rubbed. So the metal is not good.

    Corresponds to the description

    Thank you very much. The price was very good and the price was very good.

    Did not receive the parcel

    The workmanship is normal. Delivery is fast.

    I received the item to day, after three months.

    In my opinion aisilin brand is very high quality and at a price democratic. Thank you!

    All norms

    I received the order. I haven't tried the case yet.

    Well, for this money, the usual not very high quality screwdriver!

    For smartphone tablets norms screwdriver. Magnetitis is good. Bitkov's head does not collapse

    Thanks the product arrived in good condition

    Delivery to omsk-month. Quality is good, packed in puffy material. Everything corresponds to the description. Rods are magnetic, fasteners are magnetized, but not very strong. The length of the screwdriver assembly is 14 cm. Small compact and convenient, to use, set. Purchase satisfied. Thank you seller!

    Set liked, compact

    Nice to hold in your hand. Quality of performance ok! As in the description.

    The seller is well done. Everything is accurate and fast!

    Came quickly

    The bits themselves are made of good strong metal, and the holder bit is alas like a plastic handle.

    13 days to nizhny novgorod region super fast

    Came for a month in minsk. Quality seems not bad.

    A spikes guys but fine

    All as in the description. Delivery to belarus about a month. The only negative, the crack on the box, and so the quality at the height. To the seller of atp.

    The screwdriver reached belarus super quickly, 15 days from the moment of sending to the moment of receipt, everything was tracked ..!!! Nozzles all lie inside the handle, a convenient solution! In appearance, everything is fine, done qualitatively, in the case has not yet tried, i'll try to unsubscribe ..! Seller and i recommend the product!!

    Packed well plastic box 15x10

    In general, the metal rod is good. But the handle is questionable in terms of the plastic holder sleeve. On the one hand, the plastic is soft. Should not crack, but of course this is a minus in terms of reliability. And so the kit is compact. For this money is excellent. Twist laptops just right.

    Nice stands user information again

    Very slow delivery almost 4 months

    Good lights

    Thank you *****.

    The goods received. The truth of the parcel was long.

    Nice box of screwdrivers.

    no problem

    Very quickly thank you!!!!!

    Description not quite accurate 12 in one to be more accurate! The magnetic properties of the screwdriver i did not feel from the word for it and reduced the rating! In the work has not yet checked but for small screws i think it will come down! E whether you write

    cheap and nice stuff

    Everything is done qualitatively. The product corresponds to the description. It came very quickly! Seller recommend!!!!

    not a tool but looks like a bit low quality toy...

    The nozzle for screws in smartphones was bent! Specially made a photo, it can be seen. Because of this nozzle and made an order. Disappointed!

    The deal was successful. I recommend.

    Everything is good

    Good quality product. Fast shipping. Seller 100% recommended

    Good quality, metal looks confident, i recommend)

    This production is durable think $3. So I recommend to buy when you think reasonable choice.

    After 4 months I have not yet received the product.

    Perfect. Delivery 10 days. Thank You

    Set for this price is normal, but for a very long time reached more than 2 months

    Decent quality, fast shipping (14 days to Germany).

    Came quickly, the screwdrivers are good

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